Storyteller 3 -

"Storyteller III", watercolor on paper © 1990

As Rosamond’s publisher, I have been asked many times to describe her work. And though I often string together words – commenting on her use of negative space, her economy of line or purity of subject matter - I never feel like language can do justice to what she has given us.
I believe that the women she created were not just beautiful images on canvas. Because she was so shy, they were, in a sense, her way of communicating with the world. When she would go into her studio and complete one of her pieces, she would emerge exhausted but also euphoric. Sometimes this process was fast and easy but, most of the time, it was excruciating as she reached deep inside of herself to discover what – in each self-portrait – she needed to express. That is why I believe that her work provokes such an intense response from the viewer. On a subconscious level, we can feel the struggle and the victory that each piece represents.
While the vast majority of Christine's work have been quickly purchased by an admiring public, we still have a few original drawings available along with the works reproduced on these pages. Please inquire for availability.
Stacey Pierrot Simons
Rosamond Publishing